Hidden Civilisation is my first story is for improving my typing skill and my English,I will rewrite this after the content is finished.It’s about blunder stories says between three brothers. Whenever we are together in our house in nights we are telling stories and that stories we are  always hero’s on own stories.chasing, fighting everything we are always winners and always a happy ending for our stories.some storeis we are telling each other villain and hero’s we decide we all are hero’s on this  story (Hiden civilisation)and its an about our heroism…I am always director & story teller of  my stories They are enjoying my stories all time.I am the one telling this story also anyway we are not introduce ourselves  I am Binu My other cousin brothers are Rahul and Renju.Always our story starts at night when we are going to bed, that day I told them tonight am the one telling the story and this story is take a long time to finish may be days ok. It’s ok Rahul replied

BINU: Listen my dear we are starts our story right now ok and our story there is not that many questions ok

Rahul: oh start my dear bro.

BINU: we starting our story we are now in( India western ghat) a deep forest it’s so silent inside the forest do you hear some voice?

Rahul: Yes? someone walking from distant

BINU:  You are right that’s  Rahul,(6feet long )and Renju(5 feet 11inch)and Binu(5 feet 9inch)only with a giant one giant man near to 7 feet height dark colour with big bearded very healthy person

Rahul: Wow am the Hero of this story is it?

BINU: Ok from beginning of this story  you are the Hero after we all ok

Rahul: Ok?  Who is that Giant Man

BINU: We can Call him Guru!(Teacher) you know someone always came to our school for selling forest fruits I will make him as our Guru is it ok

Renju: Ok He is very tall and something horrible looking I think He is ok I’m always afraid about him I always think once he will catch us oh!

Binu: Yes in this story also same One day he catches us and  taken us to the forest and trained and teach some hidden secrets.

Rahul: mm

Binu: Now we are Become big almost as a 21-22 Years old we are following him like slaves similar to dog follows theirowners

Renju: It is not good

It’s Good, anyway ready to go to the story we are insert our souls into the story ok

We are following  Guru for som time and in that deep forest when Guru walking,the big tree’s are giving space for his journey and all the birds and animals are crying loudly He is walking quickly and we are following him as speed as him.we are now outside the forest suddenly Guru stop his walking and turn around to us and say’s

Guru: Am going Now I have emergency there and you keep your Planet safe from Haloens (InterPlanetary advanced 3rd(dimensional ) Generation Aliens)I teach you everything  to defend them and their preparation of a big war against them.your journey  starts  from today  each person have own responsibility always communicate each other (we have telepathically communication system

Binu: Ok Sir

Guru: Be patient always Binu, Rahul you  are the aggressive keep that  always and Renju be concentrated to your work  you get challenges from them always face it and beat it dont fightwithout other twos present  . and after a long time you are going to your houses and tell them and show the identities to identify yourself and Binu you are waiting for right opportunity rest of them Rahul will handle it may be you all will die this war but never leave even u die..Jovians(2nd Dimensional  Near to 3rd dimensional who have the right to protect our Inner solar system)can’t help because they are under attack also any way they send some help to you. they can manage only save  their planet.and they are themselves in that battle human’s must defended  themselves

Renju you save people who are the victims of health problems you need to save them from your advanced knowledge don’t fight with haloens from begining only defend now because if someone fighting other than Rahul they will come with full force you can’t manage it.

I will go now they don’t know who am I and you all will come back here before war starting and I will be waiting for you the same place.You are the prime members and you need to meet and join other 9 persons who have the intense capability to train and equip humans  for the last stand against Haloens you teach haloens a lesson for their plan to take earth will be destructive for them.because its humans land withgreat smile from guru

                  After that Guru stand on a Rock and Up his  hand and raise his index    to the clouds

Suddenly blue sky changes into dark and rains come to us Guru has some changes his body become gigantic and clouds come’s in to cylindrical shapes and takevup Guru to the sky with immense speed.

We decided to go home after a long time when we reach our village nobody understands us. we explain our home,they thought that  we are kidnaped bybeggers.

next day we are fix out  meeting Me, rahul and Renju

Binu : Rahule we can do planing as soon as possible

Rahul: first you apply for the Passport and Renju You join in that Herbal treatment centre I will go to Meet General Krishnadas

Binu: ok tomorrow we will go to Trivandrum and meet General and I will go to Passport Office with available documents.

Renju : I will prove to how effective am in Ayurvedic to the Dr.Vaidyanadha

Next day Renju and Binu going Trivandrum as per their plan and  they meet Passport office with Binu’s documents and applied for his passport and after they went to see mr. Krishnadas(He is  an Army Major He is Directly controlling one of the Para Special Commando Force)

Major Krishnadas is in Kovalam beach resort and he is waiting for some call sometimes after he get a phone call

Major : Hello

anonymous: sir mission failure

Major: What? impossible How can a small group mao’ Militant can defeat our very well trained force it’s impossible they are well trained killing machines

how?our one  person  can defeat full battalion easily

anonymous: sir another report gatak8940 and gatak 8590 captured by mao’s

Major: How they are captured? It’s not true who can do it it’s not a militant group or Chinese special force our force have more equipment well training more than them it’s impossible which time its happened give me full details

anonymous: yesterday night we are in move and full controlled by our signal and spies are with that when firing start we didn’t get any message from our force when will we reach there we saw bodies of some mao militants and our 5 brave soldiers.

sir’our spies catch some signal report that one of Chinese commando also with them he is a commander Lee Chiang very dangerous unbeaten soldier especially for this operation He is right now inside the forest with our two captured soldiers we are searching because of bad weather we can’t reach inside.

Major: I will call Lt.cornel report him.

Anonymous: ok Sir Jai Hind

This time we are in Kovalam.

Binu: Rahul how to impress him I think he is frustrated now  because of Lee Chiang  He is not the one Killed but He struck them using his knowledge about the  index figer marma(It’s a secret knowledge about human body when eye contact happened with enemy, he can control them using his index finger)

Rahul: I will handle him

, Do you come with me to face him?

Renju: No its no need don’t give him any information about us. He is an army he always likes to more powerful his force.

Rahul: Ok then ok see you later you just wait for me in that lighthouse.

Rahul went to that Resort that time Major is resting on that beach

Rahul: Excuse me

Major: Who are you?

Rahul: I am Rahul, I want to join your force.

Major: OK Good but this is not the place for joining Indian Army. I will give you an information you can go to recruitment on Munnar Hills.you are looks good you if you are eligible you will get definite  place in indian army  I dont want to too much talkingt please leave me alone? Anyway, how you know am in the army!

Rahul: I know Major I know about you I know how to success your mission to eliminate Maoist area I can even catch Master Lee Chiang

who is master lee chiang?

sir I know about u and master  lee chiang

master lee  chiang only he can pause your highly trained commandos than me

Is he is the one killed my solderes  angrly major ask

no he is not killed ur commandos he easly struck them but some of other trained soldiers killed them

I wil finish if u give permission

how, u know how to use gun

my boys are highly trained and they killed them easily  how you can

am differnt sir am even not like master lee chiang am a killing machein (in the mean time two old people came to that place )


sir i know u are here I want to know about ny son

his son  is the one trained in special force and he is live or death it will never ever inform to their parents because of their training mostly outside the country and he is one of the gathak commando who is now captured by mao terrorist group

major. sir your son will be back very soon don’t worry he is now high rank soldier

Father. I belive an indian army major word I am glad toknow my son is a high rank soldier thank you sir we are going he is same as like this boy.

they gone after that major eyes are blinging because of eye drops because he know that he is  one of the soldier

Binu. Sir don’t worry  I will finish that mao group and I can defeat  major lee chiang

Major. We have force we can do it.

Binu. u know the dangerous of  the forest  it will not be onesided game if you use force. I can finish them and can catch also master lee chiang

Major.  are u magician your eyes easiness I can’t believe like that

Binu I am not a magician sir u know that yesterdays magics are today’s science don’t worry these are tommarow’s science don’t worry look if you are still not believe I will show tommarow’s science after that Rahul widened his hand and look forward to the sea suddenly some sort of similar to a whistle sound came soon after some thing two sided sword with seven feet in length weapon cycling as fast as a comet came to Rahuls hand

Really even army man afraid went down to earth.and say Ohhh God save me.

Smiling Rahul says . Dont worry Major am not killing u  and am not using this weapon against any human being its for different purpose please give me a chance  in your special force

Major. ok ok tommarrow morning we  will fly to delhi and after we will go to chatisgat I will arrange it I wil call colenel today now I understand u will kill him sure

I will never killed master chiang  but I will destroy your enemies that I will make sure after this operation thank you sir I am leaving now tomarrow I will come trivandrum morning thank u

after that Rahul go to his waiting friends Renju and Binu tell them its ok my friend I will start my journey

Okede then we will go now by bus to home  Renju told and after they went  to their village.

after two days maoist terror camp in chatgughat more than 100 people training in the deep  forest against india with the help of chineese military intelligence its commander ming and his secured by the commander of leopard special force lee chiang who defeated indian special force also also two indian special force gathak members waiting for their death penalty gathered their after some time

 suddenly special sounds is came inside deep forest and the maoist leader branmanda says someone entered our teritory be vigilant suddenly camp in silently moved take and their positions

ming go to control room and  contact using his special satlite phone ask to them

ming u see some  force movement ib these area

control room lasa.No sir their is helicopter or any type aerial movement their

ok then we can manage our lee chiiang also we are more stronger wecan destroy any special force move even they are 100 peope ha ha

 In the same one of the tree top one of the maoist person who are watching movemenr saw some speed movement on the top of the tree he try to make signal giving to his team but the same time some blade like cross his throat

their is some rain cames one by one maiost militants are killed by anonymous movement by their enemy

suddenly  bramandda roared and say some one attacking  beware and killed the indian soldiers with bomb the same time lee chiang take position  and jump to the top od the tree he is rounded his ears he understand that their is one enemy is not a normal one is their he moves  run through the tree ” its not like run he is somthing like flying and angreely aggressively to find the enemy

same time one by one who is guardin ming also killed ming become frightened and crying for the help of lee chiang suddenly lee chiang down to the don’t worry prime I will fight against him the same time ” in Mandarin their is a voice came u cant save him I am the commander in cheif . Suddenly appear infront of lee chiang with Rahul came and  his sword is in ming’s stomach oh

Aaaah Suddenly lee chiang came with his gun and try to shoot down rahul but he even can see that much fastly Rahul go up  and top the tree

lee chiang shouted goto the top take his sword and follow rahul from air suddenly rahul turn around and looked straight to lee chiang both of them are in the top of trees agressively chiang came with his sword .but he cant touch rahul he tried to use all the special techics against Rahul  even he can’t touch rahul’s  body Rahul just leave his spare blade and barely fight against lee chiang even with his sword totaly injured  by Rahuls punches their is no hard fight lee chiang defeated by Rahul The mean time when lee chiang understand that he is will soon killed byRahul he try to fight against him but he failed fell to the ground their is a tiger suddenly infront of tigerRahul came Roar that sound becone heavy even for the tiger it will run in to the deep of the forest with its life

Rahul suddenly freed  indian soldiers and take lee chiang to his shoulder and walking  aims to the  indian army post when lee chiang wake up he is in  a hospital and his arms are tided he see someone is very near to him he understand its Rahul in the mean time  Rahul calls renju  how is their renju you meet Dr and tell him importance, I am here with master lee chiang he is totaly tired and yesterday he attack aggressively I did some damage to him its not  Hai master

Master lee chiang. Who are u

Rahul.Am Rahul the ultimate fighter only two person can defeat me from the entire Galaxy I can fight with thousand Haloens in the sametime

Master.Hmm who is haloens?my master says in this world only me can perform these techniques and I believe I made  each of them better than my master.and he told its very secret in this world its came from heaven

Rahul. Its not from heaven but its came from the sky  and you will teach al of the listens you learned to 10000 of your soldiers and prepared them for fight against haloens aliens  they are always controlling earth life system they under humans are changing and human made artifitial intelligent will find then them and revealed them to the and they will find the hideout in planet venus also

it will end their games in the world so they will show themselves here and they want to take back earth to their dark world that means they will end most of the  kill in the fight humans like  a 25000 before. and that time they destroyed entire kingdom of humans and some only reamained this is another time for fight between humans and haloens  jovians can’t fight with both haloens  and their moon planet slaves nerphos(second generation inteligent life forms) together when their planet reach orbit of saturn they get help from nephos they when single controlled entire nerphos attack  jovians same time haloens attack our world from neibhour planet venus they already staying their )

 and so we need a powerful army only a better teacher can create like that army and you are the one rather than me to create that army go to china and tell to premier and select 100,000 soldiers and prepaid them for war u can do it

I will do here also we need a better army defend haloens from finish humans from earth they have their policy they already prepairing for the I will show some of them when we goto china

master Leechiang . u come with me to china they will kill u

Rahul. I told u I will never bothered about fighting u better save your instead of attcking me

Master lee chiang. why you killed my people

They are not good thats why

you are good and a great fighter and also great master so u qualifies for live this and my Guru says to me that I need to teach you more lessons

who is your boss

my  Guru  is the teacher of bodhaveera who teach your ancestors long years ago

 first you  believe me trust me rather than anything inthis world and later we together  fight first  against haloens in this I believe u can fight more than fifty humans and 1 or two haloens .

you have some mental problen who are they you can show them to me

don’ t worry  I will show you them soon after I teach you I will  revealed you.

ok master lee chiang .I thing your army will not release me

Dont worry I will release anyway, your country  already moves for that and I will release you don’t worry  Its my duty  when the time reach I will inform right now you are under custody of indiaarmy I will trained you these time whenam free he told to lee chiang the sametime leut.colnel manohar mithra came their Are soldier what you r doing he is captured person oh your are the catch him anyway you need to complete 6 month army that is compulsary u need to do that we will handle you leave now!

ok sir am leaving now

Rahul. left from their

L.c , Majour this person is that much dangerous

Majour.Yes sir he is dangerous , but the my special recrutment is more dangerous than him.

Lc. Realy , I also notice his powerful looking and the body its much betterr than our normal soldiers

I think he have some hidden agenda

you alreay check his where abouts if tell IB to collect all the data about him

Major  Ok sir

L.c.  and  u register this chineese soldier details offcialy

Major. No sir

Lc ok good we need to collect all the details about his army what are doing in our teritory

what he knows about his armies plan

Major. Sir we already collected some details because  he is one of the chineese special force commander in leopard division Lee Γ§hiang  dangerous and gold medalistnin some chineese arts in olympics and he is an amazing martial arts expert.and he is one of the influence on chineese communist party leader.means next chineese president is that person. all these things the government level and international level influence will so we disclosed his capture.

Lc.Good any way discharge him soon and pack him to central india

yes  on that night  tight secured army room  lee chiang is totally he can’ t move his body because of he is totaly in  chain and  he is totaly covered security bysurvilelence cameras ans special security with machien guns

Rahul tell to major krishnadas for before his army training he want two week leave

and krishna das sanctiomned it

when the moment came Rahul take leave army plan to shift Lee chiang to jablpur military camp by road way with high calibered security force with machine guns and other weapons they dnt want to shift him through air because his powerful  ability in air they are guard him on the vechicle ans outside also they are reached in delhi rajasthan borden area is surounded by chambal forest range suddenly infront of them something like a buble came with in a second army fired on it after heavy fire smokes are around that bubble but bubble is moves near to the vechicles nothing happened to that and now their is inside the a power sitting calmily soldier take position one of the commander says don’ t shoot wait fir enemy action and they are waiting for enemy moves they closely watching

is that renju yes its renju suddenly renju look at the army vechicle jump to the top of lee chiang travelling bus open his hands moves around the air some sort of blue rays came from his hand break the roof of the vechicle and soldiers inside the vechicle fire to renju suddenly renju took some powder throw its in the air with a air push by his hand it will fell to army soldir with in second fell in sleep renju take lee chiang with his hand jump to the air with in seconds again the air buble  surounded  both of them army officer say fire when bubble came around renju and lee chiang its late callits already surrounded  them  after rocket from indian army hit on the bubble but remain as same before ans quickly the baloon moves fast in air go inside clouds army helicopter check inside the clouds but they can’t find anything

next day early morning Rahul driving army jypsy ti hairpin ranges of indo nepal border the same time he got a message from Major Krishnadas where are  u going Rahul through indo nepal border With my jypsy

sir I want to visit famous kathmandu temple I thing with your permission Only I can cross indo nepal border please call the border allow your jypsy to cross the border

Major Krishnadas.Nevermind I will arrange the pass and will come soon we are watching you come soon and join training

with smile Rahul say ok sir

and jypsy cross the checkpoint and nepal  bordercheck with thw permission of nepal army.

after crissing the border

when hideout area near to a frozen forest  Rahul says we will leave from here.

lee chiang

Yes lee chiang hide behind the army jypsy I will keep this I will take when am return from ur country.

ok  I think the border will far from here.

and  we are cross the mountain because I will show something and I will destroy it later

lee chiang!

can we pick a taxi

how you have any money

Rahul I take some indian rupees from  Krishna das pocket

its accept here please were these nepali gorkha dress you and me get respect everywhere and keep this knife its my gift for u it will return back to your when you through this against after killing your enemy.

after that lee chiang and Rahul get a taxi fron their and they went to Kathmandu and they visit temples and go with nwestern tourist group they are climping over Everest mountain when they reached near one base camp Rahul we will divert from here. then both of them with mountain clothes cross the snow mountain in that heavy

Lee chiang say to Rahul its so heavy storm we can’t cross these mountain

Rahul.  I will show someone crossing these mountain and you know this is the only place you will not face your own army crossing the border.

they move on that heavy storm once they reach near to a rocky mountain Rahul come fast lee we need to climb these hill mountain how we climb we already in asituation which only travel by a trained man but climbing this is very Rahul u want to see the human racesenemies

come with me

Rahul and lee chiang moves to the top of the mountan they see some cave in the top of the mountain Rahul say we climb yo that position

lee angrly but silently follow him.

suddenly they hear a human painful voice from inside that rock.

huh! you hear something.

Yes its realy surprising me Lee

because my Guru tell me to destroy this hill and other three spots of bunkers of our enemyincluding this

is your are going for fight now Lee chiang

No am just showing our enemies to u now and I will come with u china when am come back  and fight them try todestroy them  you can’t hold this fight

I can’t make a cover for u against haloens and I have good knowledge about themwill right now I show both nerphos and haloens to you I feel their  presence here u want to see then you just were these masked glasses Rahul gives that to lee chiang and say you can change ur views to infra red and night vision it will controlled by your brain now we going inside this mountain so we need to climb to top of the Guru say to me their is door so Rahul and

lee chianng climbs to the to top of tye mountain they when their climbing they saw a small cave  up they are fastly moves  direct to that cave when reach the top they understand the it is not small cave it is big and its not naturaly made its artifitaly made  because its structure is made correctly for parking some terible vechicle and its closed by a iron door

Lee chiang say How we  open this door Rahul says one minute we need some magical tool then he open his arm and rounding it in the air suddenly his two sided sword comes with an amazing speed through the air reach to rahuls hand suddenly rahul take that into the door and looked to the sword  sword moves alone and break the door with out any noice after that both of the moves ahead  and moves in to the door they see something like a well they moves down to that going to the down they feel something  suddenly Rahul say to Lee chiang that we need hide this window to see their movement

suddenly Rahul and Lee chiang hide on wall they can now only see through the small after half an hour some movement from bottom of that  well some climbing up like some dogs are runing one behind one something running to the top yes its nerphos (nerphos are like worms but moves very fasrter than human its heads like fish with big mouth and it have some sort of hair like things it have teeth like pirana and bigger upper teeths are humans as same down and two of its eyes are so big, those things are moving to the top of the well fastly their movements like dogs but they are not dogs they are not good enough using smell like mamals but Lee they are four different they are queen based system they have one king  and more than hundread main battle soldiers and like these like 100,000 small nerphos is advanced than humans.is they some type of telepathical netwotk with in a range and powerful queen brain controls them.they can eat with in a bite.the main battlesoldier are powerful 4 times bigger than nerphos normal that one is dangerous and produce energy  creat dragon fire and its heads have special brain skill and the best of them become the king  who only have independant power than queen he is ulmate warriorfight together withsmall nerphos in front row.

lee chiang how can we meet others now the king will because we break the door.we will not go through door because they will try to catch us

just wait we need watch all this

normal human can fifht with these nerphos but we have aircrafts but we cannot fight with haloens with thos weapons and iur atomic weapons will not hurt nerphos but it hurts haloens.

and the but even before they attack us so they are so dangerous than I am fight with them in their planet in that time the nerphos are cried from up soon the powerful red eyed giant king nerphos came to the top and he inspect the area and suddenly he roal highly soon one black shade is run over to the top yes it’s Haloens it is more  something similar to humanoid but giant 8 foot beared with powerful legs like human and stand walkingjwith his weapon he is producingsome magnetical and electrical flares it will make fear on the nerphos  even king of the nerphos and suddenly Rahul says to lee chiang we need to move now.These Haloens with in  a minute find we cannot back you want to see them only throught that kill him using these laser weapon to show them fiirst I will destroy later others this time nerphos will not attack yo on that I will break this wall said and Rahul give him like a knife tell him use this button for laser because its a haloens weapon he have also the same sword only perform against him you need to do your best.ok

do it and kill him be when he is try to use his other weapon jump over his head hit on his backside it will destroy him That I will break this wall. go

Lee chiang …. yea jump over some nerphos to haloens he take his lasersword the same time only haloen suddenly u turn and take his electro magnetic weapon  an through it against Lee chiang lee fly over that weaponand touch a feet on the nerphos kings head jump over the haloens head the time haloens try take his laser sword before that lee chiang sword down inside its backside of the head

suddenlyit roar

and Rahul say to lee jump with in minute nerphos become dangerous we need to escape I break this wall come on on the time lee chiang jump in ti the windo and they together jump to the valley suddenly Rahul take his swordand round it and catch lee chiang on the same time now that weapon make a buble like things and both of them fell inside and that down in a rock and jump to the sky with an amazing speed it flying through the clouds.

both of them land inside a chinese village Rahul says . nice place

Lee chiang. says nice everyone recognise me

Because I am totally popular because of olympics

Mmm Good why you are that much professional choose army

Simple to serve my country in every aspects I am trained in shaolinn temple and get special trained by the cheif monk of the temple after that army officers directly choose  by the army cheif they send me to secret training also their I learned too many hystoric book and I pracised some of them very thoroughly and practised it much bettern than anyone that why I become the master commander I don’ t want to kill innocent peoples.

I know you are very nice person my boss tell me always

Lee chiang who is the other person who save me from your solders

Its my friend Renju He is the best doctor in every aspect he can cure all health problem even he can give you reentry to your life after with in a time frame.

how many are theirwith u in your studyplace

We are three,Me , Renju And  the lazy Binu

and where are they

they are Binu now in gulf country And Renju is in india as a helper of famous herbal doctor

 why you come to meet me Its my fate for me and renju you are so importand because  we need to help u to build an rmy with in five years they know about you because you killed one of the haloens

 they will follow you they will come and find you and each time they will attack you.

and may they try to kill u

ask us for any help keep these  for call us it have coverage even you are in underwater


Rahul   says I know even deffend bullet same they have natural weapon one of the is bullet like weapon which aired and fly much faster than its fully deadly poison you need to defend it. Its very difficult I think you saw its mouth and hidden bubble eyes it can saw as from more than two kilometers and they made weapons also mass destructive than any human  we need to train more people who have ability like specially from ur country. because they attack first your place.you need  a huge army.they are now studying our powerful weapons which they can watch but they dont know the power of atomicweapons.but these creature use  the power of astroid so  more destructive than thousands of atomic bomb after we need to fighr against with in one our artifitial intellegent will find these aliens presence we need hoverboard which can stop lightening power  because they use clouds as their major weapon so I want to meet your country major leaders

 Lee chiang ok

and say to Rahul am so thirsty and hungry making me mad  we need to find food my friend.

Yes me also need where we find both of them  go through the road made by the chineese army in the halfly abandoned village because and they not find any vechicle after some they reach a hut its .made with rocks and they ask for foods from then one more than 50 years old women come with some sort of mutton soup both of them drinks it the same time  that women recognize lee chiang and calles oh my dear Lee you are  came to my hut unbelievable

Rahul you are very famous in your land

Lee chiang smiled and he is asking for some more that women go inside bring  more soup to him. both of them happied and tell to women anything they can do with their capability. Lee offer her to come with me and family never taste this much tasty soup.

smiled women tell to him.I need only from you an army job for my son and he is always like army andsometime before army trials he entered some sort of jauntis thats why he cant join the peoples liberation army.please help me to solve this

Lee chiang I will try my level best.

Rahul. ask her about her son name. sudden replies him Huan chiang

Rahul I please tell again.

Huan chiang

Its nice May be he became your name more great lee chiang

 then they told thanks and leave from their and aiming to the army camp suddenly a group of army vechicle came accompanied by a army helicopter

from one of the soldier ask some  identity for lee chiang he just replied secretly.and then he salute lee chiang and after that another officer came and salute lee chiang and came straight to Rahul look straight to giant Rahul and say to the army men to Arrest him

suddenly Lee chiang dont arrest him.

Rahul. say to Lee chiang what am lee chiang they need to do their job.

arrange meeting with higher authorities our dangerous with in a time frame because we dont have time remaining.

In between India and indonesia dark cloudy sky.we are going inside one of the biggest cloud  we are going inside that thuder with powerful lightening cloud suddenly we see a crowd of haloens stay in a hoverboard like things some of them looking a dark area of that cloud its a UFO its diameter is bigger

than a big stadium inside that haloens are working  hardely ……..

Lee chiang call his senior officer request arrange a high level meeting.

morning time chineese premier cancel first day asean meeting going to lasa tibetan area chinaTheir arranged special polite beru meeting with two outsiders One is lee chiang and other is powerful Rahul.with chain.

suddenly lee chiang describe about all  the details about his indian special operation with hiding Some of Rahul involvement and super natural abilities and deeply say about those aliens and give rahul chance ti speaks about it.Rahuls prediction about dangerous wars two dangerous alien species.how its affect northern part of earth and to prepare for a high war and weapons what need for the force.with in this four years.

 Premier of china says we have already get information about exrateritoiral activities in himalaya and fearfully technologiacaly advanced aliens.but seems they are not dangerous in theirvisiting we didnt get complete pic.can weattack use our weapons and aircradt

Rahul its dangerous if you may u win here their will huge human lost and these aliens may have other area camps they willl also so its not an easy  and human can only imagine the stregth of them.

so we need time and we need prepare these weapons and strong army in both your and our country..please provide all suppprt lee chiang And I Will give help for ur defense company for aeiral vechicles which we need defense against them.their we know only one hiden area in my opinion their is more they have big camp in venus planet.

How yoi know about them

I have friend who is  a space scientist.and a dr he show first told me he knows the details about them.Rahul give answer to the premier

what we will do foru

please increase your defence more than 20%of gdp and prepared for a war its not against human. its against a very dangerous specious which alternatively kill life forms in our earth. and they will plant to bring back our earth to its real parent planet


premier says and  ask to the other members you all have any sugession

what when will we get the complete information about these aliens.

one of the memeber asked to Rahul

sir we need to find where they hide from Us they are biologicaly and technicaly advanced than us we cannot easily fight against them without any others help they are normaly aim bring back earth to its parent planet and all advanced life forms.you know that their is outer solarsystem their is 3 morebig planets than our earth.one is haloens planet and others are real earth cousin waterworlds orbiting haloens planet one of that have rocky nerphos planet and other is geoligicaly active planet.and also I know from my friend that they are always try each of 200000years of that planet closing to sun to move earth from its orbit to haloens planets orbits two time they failed because of jovians this time they are here advancely because of their new enemies. humans they want to kill or destroy everything before their mother planet came near to sun.they are killing machiens they can shoot with their natural guns faster than any human build guns and they can watch you more than five killometer using their telescopical hiden third eye they are too dangerous that I know and one of the alien haloens is already killed by master lee chiang you need ti give all arrangement for him to create a force and we need defens electric lightening frim clouds.so please help him to creat a defensive force help him.


 and  you told their is another killing alien species

Yes nerphos that is a  central oriented live form they are too dangerous both inteliegence and attacking sectors.

In himalaya they have a teritory can we attack them.

No we dont know about their strength and their old generations did war with earth many times. and they know the strategy if we attack them earlier and they always prepare for a mass attack even anytime their attck without knowing their strength it will affect us in my opinion we have only one option attack them and defend then when they will attack with proper weapons. in that time polit beuro members discuss the matter with themselves about that situation and said ok we will help lee chiang to save our country and we will give u defense companies to make what weapons u want to make aganist them.

Thank you sir I want to leave to my countryI will contact you master lee chiang ok

Ok Lee chiang reply to him.

And that night in the border nepal china parachuted RAHUL TO the place wheir haloens find. them same timea thunder lightening came and destroy the aircraft it destroy the balloons also

Haloens are waiting for an attack and they realy after  a long time humans killed one of their soldier the chain haloens are the leaders each 558 haloen army. In this haloens hideout also the same.

The chain haloen the leader attack using his  thunder weapon in the sky soon their will cloud formed and poised his weapon again to the clouds and the lighten came he diirect that lightening aircraft and parachout in same time fire balls in the sky haloens who are in a special hoverboard become happyand roar and “Oh  Poor humans” suddenly from the sky their is a big voice came O poor haloens you are fighting with me the ultimate fiighter from earth.

Chain haloen. I want to see u human before u die

Rahul ok

suddenly from the like  a  comet tail their Rahul wereing some like an  old Indian soldiers wereing he came from the sky.he become more height and more muscular now.

Chain oh you human whats your name

Rahul. Ok before your die I will tell my name I am Rahul the ultimate fighter

You even know your history fight with me you know I am the fighter killed more than 10,000 your kinds last war between humans and haloens hey 70 year only living genus  you know my age am more age than 20’000 years old I fight too many wars we always like war because we are unbeaten in this whole galaxy Ha Ha Ha

like your smile

dont say like that you are unbeaten but now after theses moment you and your soldiers become  my sword prey with in a time.

What  the helll  I will show you sudddenly hit using tail it realy hit Rahul Rahul throwed to  distance  and the haloens run to that area Rahul turn andsay hraaaaaa blood came from his mouth

and he jumps to the air wih two sworded sword and hit it in a glance to haloens head from behind it fell down and he cut its head using his sword and take the sword run striaght to the enemies  with his blinky eye he kills one by one haloens before they fire their face guns he cut their faces” suddenly the chain came their he round his tail take his thunder controllingweapon and shoot to the clouds and take lightening  came with in a second he try to turn it against Rahul  Rahul understand that he jump over the sky suddenly another hoverboard like craft came under his foot and he defend lightening using his sword as sheild and he successfully done it surpriase chain haloens he feel his fist defeat  from another planet suddenly he and his friend came together  and take another weapon a xray weapon and shoot tot Rahul in the mean Rahul more than ten Haloens and moves to Chain Haloens  chain Haloens shoot using face guns  but Rahul successfully defend his body sheild ut realy it force him to away from chain haloen but he kill as fast other haloens sometime jump over the Ahovercraft chain haloens take central positoon of his team of haloens take his aerial craft shoot using that in a immense suddenly a bubble came in from Rahul and reflect the xray and it reverse to the haloens haloens suddenly take their hover and   try to escape from that area  But The same time Rahul throw his sword in to that aircrafts it cut each of them in to pieces and kills haloens from return to Rahul Suddenly catch it with in a frame of time and continue his kiling stream and he aim his movement to the  chain haloens chain haloen try to hit Rahul the lightening Rahul moves faster faster to the chain haloen suddenly he  chain haloen open his hands and try to call his other friends buts it too late and  the sword cut his neck and it remove his head from the body Rahuls body full of Haloens black blood he kills all he haloens even they try to escape using their white transparent aircrafts. and go to the mountain and he find the door of haloens hidout centre and enter in to inside he saw some haloens killed by nerphos  nerphos never try to attack Rahul they take a side and go away from Rahul and give him a way togo down to  underground more more inside he heared the same voice he remember thatwhen he heared with lee chiang  a human voice came from that he understand that its haloens converting  that area for their future  war room they are make some adjustmet when rahul goes more deep inside he understand some movement near to it invisible haloens presence because they lose control over dangerous nerphos thats why they try to find haloens so they are trying escaping from that cave but rahul take  his weapon and throughto them suddenly haloens move together and the same invisible  way  to attack Rahul but Rahul more faster and he use  his ultra infrared glasses wit in second its not made by metals its made using organic items its vision give him to see haloens even they hide from human eyes

he saw haloens run away from him. when he reaches the bottom he saw  the source of human cry  its a human crying some of the nerphos eat his flesh from his leg Rahul saw a magic  that man leg same as after finish eating but he he crying loudly because of the pain.suddenly Rahul feel danger nerphos leave  that man  look at Rahul their sharp eye waiting for him  in a special chain and it give some sort laser on his body it also blinging suddenly he take swordand round suddenly some of special rays came from different place from that room.its came to Rahul before he take bubble shield he take diffultly the shield he fell to the floor with in the sheild Suddenly Nerphos look at him and their eyes become more shined and theirheads blinging like star they are ready to attack Rahul soon their other type of speedy movements. its haloens remaining also came to attack with nerphos other man also crying loudly  nerphos are eating  his flesh like a dog and they now  turn toRahul.Rahul feel dangerous he know haloens can broke his bubble sheild with in a time.suddenly their is some sound came yes it is Renju he came from the top  and give some tonic to Rahul suddenly Rahul get some energy and Renju give his hover toRahul to overcome the Rays mRahul take his weaponHaloens and nerphos together moves like a hunter ans hunting dog.But King lion never go back when a nerpho jump to Rahul Rahul turn around an d push his sword in the big mouth of thatNerphos it died in second the group of halloens take shoot from their natural face guns Renju block using some weapon he bring  and Renju and move fast track the rays and stop that for Rahul’s reduce rahul difficulties against that and move to a safezone Rahul continue his he will not allow any aliens to escape from that cave and he eveyone after that war Rahul and Renju go to the human survivor in that talk to him  some  similar nepali sanskrit he told him he is the king of Nepal who rule entire Indian sub continent and he is lastwarioer  who knows the secret of amarathum means endless life he is the one who send soldiers to find way to underworld for open and release underworld humans who are preparing for the last stand war against aliens but  when he tried to take endless by geting inside this he captured by haloens who waiting here for their wariors for long term succesor from heaven and they are catch give him eternity but his life inside that cave painfull  nerphoes torcher him everynight with order from chain haloen.

and that nepal ask to Rahul to please kill him He told him now is different  I need you with 4 years u need to come yo kerala and he give him some secret message also ok Renju give some dress which protect him cold and

Rahul tell to Renju thanks I expect to you in the correct time where is Binu why u didnt bring him

He went already dubai he loves peace and he told only for the main hub of haloens near haloen near indonesia call him  ok he want to participate their πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ No he dont want participate their he want to watch the war.

πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡ha he never change I know him he will use what guru say to him to his lazinesswhat told his life arabian he told me it is more peace he told me that he want to enjoy peace for long time he want to live like that

ha 😏 he will never change  we will see what about hismeeting with space scientist.

He told me he is planing for that

Okeda Iwant to go now sun will rise with in a frame Dr want to check my new medicine

You are great we will meet later bye renju went by his baloon vechicle


After that Rahul and nepal king went tokathmandu when leaving from him Rahul define him about modern life and afvise  him dont use martial ability against  people act like a mad man time came he will help him to cross nepal border.after Rahul went with his jipsy and went back to Indian border

he joined Indian army training camp  he doing the hard indian army six month training in the mean time their is a covererd operation in a vilolent city and he joinedwith commandos and finish enemy militants. One day he evening he has a training for go inside the forest mountain and clear the signal alone only with his comb and  signal clearing equipment he moves inside the forest.Inside the forest he make a temperory tent and arrange signaling equpiment and check the  routes in a map and check his tap and prepared  infantry gun then think about his friends and check the entire area sit a special position called telepahicaly Binu and Renju. Rahul ask to Binu hey how is Dubai

BINU. Dear very nice am alone but am good because interaction with people I like this place even I like pleasant condition I dont want any war with other civilization I like peace please try to avoid me.

Rahul ask Renju

.WhAt about u

Renju said I am realy doing some type fight against them

 But not direct they Are controling some bad human minds and use againist ordinary people with some type of cancerois illeness

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